The Iron Gallery

Add a stunning new look to your home with unique pieces of iron art from The Iron Gallery.

Artist Gary L. Russell creates one-of-a-kind handmade metal and iron art. These unique pieces are sure to capture the attention of guests, as each one is extraordinarily crafted by hand. In an era of plasma cutters and computer-guided designs, Russell still uses a handheld flame-cutting torch to cut his artistic designs out of steel plate.

With an eye for beauty and his attention to detail, he can create the perfect piece of art for your home. Whether it is a simple accent piece you are looking for or a large statement piece to become a focal point within your home or yard, you can be assured that your work of art will be unique. From metal signs to metal sculptures, each piece is crafted with care.

The colors in The Iron Gallery's art are created using the heat of a torch, creating a beautiful patina. You can see this exhibited in many of the wall hanging creations. From gates to coat racks, yard art to doors for your fireplace, the range of options is as unique as each creation, and every item can be custom-made to order for your unique needs and preferences.

Take a look through the samples below to find the perfect artwork for you. Call The Iron Gallery at 970-625-2297 or send an email today for more information or to place an order.

All of these iron art products can be made to order.

Barrell racer table 108.JPG
Barrel Racer Table 24"x36"x18" all steel coffee table $550.00

Chandeliers 010.JPG
Chandelier with Bighorns All steel chandelier with bighorn sheep and trees $4,200.00

Installation 032.JPG
Cowgirl Sculpture Handmade steel, actual size sculpture. $1,800.00

Eagle 2 15 012.JPG
Eagle Handmade iron eagle. Free Shipping $280.00

Eagle Table 001.JPG
Eagle Table Handmade iron table. $4,600.00

new 065.JPG
Eagle's sign This sign is located over the door at the Eagle's Lodge in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. $3,200.00

Pheasant 005.JPG
Geese Geese in flight $375.00

Hinges Handmade iron hinges. $90.00 per pair. $90.00

Iron Rock 002.JPG
Iron Rock Stone with treble clef. $50.00

mini firepit 014.JPG
Mini Firepit 8" pipe 12" tall. $80.00

Bronco Rack 006.JPG
NFL coat rack The rack is 24" long with your favorite NFL logo $120.00

Three horses Handmade. All steel. $325.00

Weather Vane 004.JPG
Weathervane All steel and hand made. $300.00

Flowers 021.JPG
Yard art 12 3ft. tall. $250.00